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  • Blue Rapids

    The purpose of the Blue Rapids Historical Society is to research, collect, preserve, and make available to the public all information, artifacts, art and memorabilia related to the history of the area.
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Voices from the past

Voices from the Past presented by the Blue Rapids Museum in Fairmont Cemetery, 200 East Avenue, will bring alive a variety of people from historical times. People to be portrayed are Captain John McPherson, a Civil War veteran, and active BR businessman; Minnie Overstreet, one of 12 children of a hard working Black family who succeeded as a stenographer with the Civil Service while siblings had successful musical careers; George Hanna, proprietor of the Hanna Egg and Poultry plant who couldn’t escape sadness over the loss of his wife; Jason Yurann, called ” Mr. Blue Rapids” for his promotion of the community, had more ideas than he had money for, wrote to President Lincoln, talked with Pres. Teddy Roosevelt; Geneva Stauffer, proud mother of three and housewife to banker until tragedy struck; and Sarah Miller Duncan who arrived with her husband Henry and 2 year old son in 1858 to be one of the first four families in this area and who was abandoned by Henry in 1864 when she had four small children.
Conversations with these actors and actresses will be from 4:00 to 6:00 pm Sunday, October 16th at Fairmont Cemetery. One child will be admitted free with each $5 adult ticket. The Chamber of Commerce will have a soup supper at the Community Center from 5:00 to 7:30. At 6:00 the Historical Railroad Society will run a “chicken ride” (too light for ghosts) from the south Main Street tracks west. At 8:00 and again at 9:00 the railroad will again run but it will be DARK and there will be GHOSTS. Call Sandy at 785 363 2515 for railroad ride reservations.Voices from the past information