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  • Blue Rapids

    The purpose of the Blue Rapids Historical Society is to research, collect, preserve, and make available to the public all information, artifacts, art and memorabilia related to the history of the area.
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Updates from Pat Osborne for the Museum

         Thirty to forty of our closest friends had a cool evening Sunday eating homemade desserts and ice cream while listening to a great group of local musicians.  Thanks to Mike Minihan, Danny Minihan, Jan Beck, Rick Lister, Tim Davis and Rick Bishop who made the music possible and to the Historical Society Board and Zita Duensing for desserts.
         The Museum has received 106 individual donations this year, some with many items.  Two interesting ones from last week were a painting of the Clayton Rodkey house which was between here and Irving and a lengthy Rodkey genealogy.  If you think you are related, come in and check it out.  The other was a copy of the original charter for the Blue Rapids Town Company in 1870 with a photo of one of the charter members, H. S. Halbert, from Ruth Berkin, a great granddaughter.
         Last call for the donation or temporary loan of photos of any Blue Rapids veterans from WWI and WWII.  Make sure your family is represented in this project.
         If you want to plan your vacation in advance, some of us are getting excited about going to Bisbee, AZ for their WarrenBall Park celebration of the 1913 New York Giants and Chicago White Sox World Tour game April 6-7, 2013.   Yes, the same teams that were on our field also played there.  Bisbee and Blue Rapids are the last two ball fields remaining on which these two teams played and on which games have continued to be played.  Further information at DiscoverBisbee.com.  Contact us if you are interested.