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  • Blue Rapids

    The purpose of the Blue Rapids Historical Society is to research, collect, preserve, and make available to the public all information, artifacts, art and memorabilia related to the history of the area.
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Map of Blue Rapids


2 Responses

  1. I have come across a wonderful old booklet telling of homes and businesses of your town. This is possibly 100 years old. It belonged to our relatives who have passed away. I would like to donate it to you. Please give me your mailing address if you would like to have it.

  2. Hi, I have just joined this blog. My grandmother, Jane Woodworth was born in Blue Rapids in 1883. We were driving cross country and stopped in town about 4 years ago. People from the Historical Society sent my articles from the Blue Rapids paper. This summer I joined ancestry.com and looked at census data. What I discovered is that my great grandfather, Henry Clawson Woodworth, his wife Ellen Lorena Marsh and their daughter Myra arrived in Blue Rapids to be included in the 1870 census. Henry and Ellen and their little daughter,Myra came from Randalph, New York. It interested me that your history on the Blue Rapids website says that first settlers came from New York. Henry had fought for they Union army in the Civil War. The little girl, died from diptheria in 1879. She was buried in Marysville. My grandmother was born in 1883. In 1888, Ellen applied for a Civil War penion for Henry, so he must have died. I can’t find a birth record for him. My grandmother took her mother back to Randalph, New York when she had a stroke and stayed with her until she died there in a short while. Her grave can be seen in Randalph. My grandmother then got married and had six children. She was a very special person to me and I would like to find out more about her life in Blue Rapids if possible.
    I wonder where she lived and what the land looked like then. She was an amazing person and I wish I had been old enough and wise enough to ask her more questions. I wonder why the people from New York decided to come to Kansas and settle Blue Rapids?

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